Financial Apocalypse by Bert Dohmen Dohmen Capital


By Bert Dohmen
Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Wall Street analysts say:  “No one can time the market.” However, one analyst, Bert Dohmen, editor of the acclaimed WELLINGTON LETTER, does it on a regular basis.

On August 17, the exact day of the high of the bounce from the August 8 low, Dohmen advised in his SMARTE TRADER service to sell short again. The DOW plunged 419 points the next day.

Five days later, on August 22, he issued an advisory to clients:

  1. STOCKS: “Close out all short positions…” 

“Our indicators show that the major indices are just about back at the plunge lows of early August, but that selling pressure is substantially lower.  

This market is set up for a rally. With sentiment so negative now, it’s obvious that the short side is “over-crowded.” And we never want to be on the over-crowded side of a trade.” 

  1.  GOLD:  “Gold hit $1900. This is a good time to take profits. Sell!” 

What happened the next day?  

 1. The DOW gained 313 at the high.

2. GOLD plunged over $61 at the low, and the following day plunged over $100.

Positions would have been closed out with great profits.

Was this luck? Well, on Saturday, August 6, after the markets had been plunging for three weeks, subscribers received a special message:


That Monday was the low of the 3 week market plunge, with the DOW down 629 at the low. It was the perfect day to close out short positions.

Yes, it is possible to time the markets! Dohmen has been doing it for over 33 years. He has called the start of every recession, and the start of each bear market within days of the bull market top. He has never worked for Wall Street.

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